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Can you put a price on those wonderful, happy eyes? I don`t think so. The effort I put in to my work to show nothing less than that love, happiness, and pride in those eyes is as much as precious those moments of your life. Please consider this, a photographer`s work doesn`t finish with what you see when I`m pressing that shutter in front of you. It just starts. There are a lot of work needs to be done until you see your pictures and feel amazed by them. If you look for cheap work, you will get cheap results. It doesn`t matter if it was a 10 minute photo shoot or 10 hours photo shoot. I approach all my work with same seriousness, intensity. I will spend all the necessary time to give you more than what you expected.
Nonetheless, I know these are hard times. Either you`re trying to make up your budget for your engagement, for your wedding or thinking about the extra expenses when the baby comes. I understand. I just want you to appreciate my effort and hard work here.
These rates are not written on stones. I`ll do everything I can to make it affordable for you. If you`re coming to me from a referral, you`ll get discount. If you don`t have money at that time, you can pay me when you get your paycheck. You can pay in multiple payments. Contact me and let`s talk.

* Rates include:
Photographer fee for which usually takes 1-2 hours per session and free print package of your favorite shots from the session as a gift .
Free, gift print package: One copy of 16x20 two copies of 8x10 four copies of 4x6

* I DO NOT give away full resolution images or unedited images.

Personal Session/High School Senior Session (1-2 hours): $300

Newborn Session (1-2 hours): $300

Family Session (1-2 hours, up to 4 members. $25 for each additional member): $300

Engagement Session (1-2 hours): $300

Maternity Session (1-2 hours): $300

Wedding Packages: Starts at $2500 (Special discount if you book Engagement session with me)