We hired Beyti to take pictures of our daughter who was a little over 1 year old at the time. Beyti did a fantastic job. He spent several hours with us. It was all very natural and comfortable. He basically just had us act natural and have fun and we got amazing pictures out of the experience. He is very creative and really captures the moments with his pictures. I recommend him to anyone who's looking for a photographer for a special occasion.

I can't say enough what a pleasure it was to have Beyti as our photographer. He made us all feel comfortable, he had true patience with my little one, he picked a great landmark that means so much to Albert and myself since we both have strong roots in BROOKLYN. Beyti, was a professional in accommodating the poses and the backgrounds. We really enjoyed that day posing and smiling for him. The outcome of the photo album truly blew me away, I am so proud when I show it off to friends and family. Beyti, was so great and wonderful!! "Thanks for exceeding my expectations."

8th Rule Photography was an excellent choice for us for our engagement photos. I proposed to my fiancé at the Brooklyn Bridge and wanted to have our engagement photos there. We contacted Beyti at 8th Rule photography. We couldn't have chosen a better person to shoot this session. From the first minute of the shoot, Beyti was very approachable and friendly, which made us relax and enjoy the photo shoot. We did not feel rushed and he was able to accommodate our needs and at the same time put his professional touch in each photography. We would definitely recommend Beyti for your photography needs. You will not regret you worked with him after you see the amazing pictures he takes.

They say, "Hindsight is 20/20". It is with that vision of my experiences that I recommend 8th Rule Photography, and specifically Beyti Barbaros, for the photography needs of others. Convenient, affordable, and professional are just some of the words that come to mind when I recount my interactions with the photography company. While the business end of 8th Rule Photography is impeccable, it is Beyti's work that ultimately speaks for itself. It is truly breathtaking. The clarity of images, creativity of poses, and use of lighting and background produce stunning portraits that capture the essence of each moment photographed. Beyti's friendly demeanor, patience, and insightful input helps set his subjects at ease throughout the photo shoot. I am truly grateful for all the hard work that Beyti put into our photos. His dedication to his craft is rare and admirable. I give 8th Rule Photography my highest recommendation.

There are many things that can capture a moment but none as expressive as a photograph. Minutes go by minute-by-minute and hours pass by in the blink of an eye. Day in and day out our life goes on and before you know it a lifetime passes by. The moments you captured for me and of me will last a lifetime. I cannot get over the vibrancy of the colors and the effects you chose. Not really being a fan of the camera, you really made the shoot quite comfortable and entertaining. When people comment on how natural I look in the photos, I attribute it all to you Beyti because you made me feel comfortable and you have a talent of capturing scenes and expressions no one would think possible. You have a great skill and I recommend you and your work to anyone interested in taking photographs and I look forward to seeing new additions of your work.

I am one of those people who hate having their picture taken. That being said, I asked Beyti if he would take pictures of the kitten I had recently adopted before he got so big. The day of the shoot was the first time I had met him, But he was so friendly that there was no first time meeting awkwardness. He started taking pictures of Pascal and would tell me to play with him and hold him. Slowly but surely I was comfortable enough in his professional atmosphere that he took pictures of me too and I did not at all mind it! Even though I have no makeup on, I am not dressed in nice clothes, I can honestly say that he took the best pictures of me anybody has EVER taken. Thanks Beyti!

I don't think I've really ever liked the way I look in photos; in fact, whenever a picture was being taken, I would typically quickly jump out of range, turn my head, or hold out my hands to block the picture. As a result, I had very few photos of myself in general, and no recent photos of me at all. So when the need arose for some timely, professional photos, I was immediately discouraged... In fact, I told Beyti, "Don't feel bad if the photos don't turn out well, it's not you--the camera just doesn't like me, I really have never photographed well..." ....However, after the photo shoot with Beyti, I was proven 100% wrong... Not only did he make me feel completely at ease during the entire shoot, his choice of location, time of day, and different angles, resulted in photos that I absolutely love; I was completely happy and amazed when I saw how my photos looked, and have gotten more complements from friends and family than I could count. The colors were vibrant and rich, and the photos looked soft and beautiful... I couldn't have been more happy, and for many reasons--primarily, that I am not at all hesitant now about letting Beyti photograph me for any other photo needs I may have in the future. ...I highly, and wholeheartedly recommend Beyti to anyone for whatever your photo needs may be--professional, social, family, holiday-- anything. I'm beyond thrilled after my photo experience Beyti, and with my pictures...Thank you, Beyti